Energy conservation & fuel conversion

Conversion of brick factories fuel, from Heavy Fuel Oil to LPG in Nahravan Iraq

Y|P|P Europe is performing a project to convert brick factories fuel from Heavy Fuel Oil to LPG in Nahravan area nearby Baghdad the capital city of Iraq. There are around 200 of brick factories running on Heavy Fuel Oil in Nahravan, this area is around 60 km far from Iraq and because of very poor burning system and high sulphur content in Iraqi fuel oil, their activity is a big threat for the population living around this area and especially capital city Baghdad. As LPG is an accessible fuel in Iraq, we designed a new type of burners with LPG fuel to convert their fuel and solve the air pollution problem there. This project is ongoing know, design and test of burners have been completed and we are going to start the replacement of burners phase.

Our Team Performing the Project